Stithians Neighbourhood Development Plan

April 4th

Community Involvement Checklist

Draft Press Release:-

Stithians Parish have started the process of considering how we want our community to look in the next ten to twenty years.

The Parish Council has applied to Cornwall Council for permission to create a Neighbourhood Plan, encouraging local people to have their say in what they want in their community and to take more control of the planning process to ensure their collective vision becomes a reality. A Neighbourhood Plan will set out how development should occur in the parish over the coming 20 years. Plans like these are used to inform planning decisions on applications, and can set out land-usage for aspects such as facilities and infrastructure, as well as housing and employment spaces.

Residents of Stithians Parish will be asked over the coming months for their opinions on the future development of the local area. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, each and every household will be approached for their views. This process will include everyone who lives, works or visits Sithians Parish while the plan is developed over the next twelve to twenty-four months, from young people and elderly, to businesses owners, individuals and families.

A steering group has been set up to ensure that the Stithians Parish Neighbourhood Plan considers how it will cater for the housing, employment and services that residents will require. If you would like more information, or to become involved, then please contact XXXXXXXXXX.

NDP Agenda 18th April 2014

NDP Minutes 18th April 2014

Guidance Notes for Grant and Technical Support

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